Palace in Morocco
Construction realization
Palace in Morocco.
Achakar beach, Tangier, Morocco.
King of Saudi Arabia


In 2016 our team relocates to Morocco in order to develop several tasks of construction realization in the Palace of the King of Saudi Arabia on the beach at Achakar, Tangier, Morocco.

The complex consists of seven buildings, including the Main Villa, a private clinic, two office buildings and accomodation for the Saudi Royal Guard as well as accomodation for the troop of the Royal Guard.

  • We completed the supply and installation of lacquered blue roof tile on all the previously mentioned buildings, with an approximate surface area of 2,000 m2.
  • All the interior finishes of the official office buildings: pavements, tiling, bathroom countertops, mirrors, gypsum, paint coatings, granite on staircases, and nuclei of communication, stainless steel door handles and latches, as well as monolayer mortar on the facade.
  • All the woodwork on soldiers’ and officials’ buildings, as well as other interventions in the seven-building complex.

The construction work was carried out under adverse climactic conditions and completed within the deadline, despite it having occurred during Ramadan.
Other features of this project include conducting construction in English and French, and adapting to the traditions and work ethic of another culture and another country.
A challenge, without a doubt, that was faced with courage and enthusiasm, and has turned out as a great experience.