Preliminary design

Identification of the client’s needs and collection of the apropriate information. We visit the project site and from there we develop the initial ideas of the design that addresses the client's most relevant requirements, fitting said design to the necessary regulations. From there we create a report that includes schematic visualizations of the design, as well as advicing in regards to the steps necessary for its construction.

Design development and tender package

We advance the design by going in depth in terms of materials, technical and construction details, as well as adherence to building codes, defining it for its construction. In case a licence is required, we will take charge of the document processing in the corresponding administration or local Authority. A budget for this service will be included as well as a time planning for its completion

Building Process and construction

From the project document, the completed design begins its execution. Once the project is accepted or we receive a project from another consultant, we prepare a budget and take care of the construction process until it's finalized. We provide advicing for the election of materials and technical guidance, and we will deliver 3D renderings to facilitate the understanding of the project and consequently the decision-making process.

Turnkey Contract

This term refers to all the previous stages, offering thus a complete service from beginning to end, with a previously agreed upon budget. In this way we considerably reduce the effort of coordination among the different agents and professionals in the design and construction process. This workflow allows us to offer a solid guarantee, as we are the only entity responsible for all the phases of the project.