Bymed Proyectos SL

We are a construction company with the value of a technical team of architects, which is expressed through efficient and innovative solutions offered to our clients. We share the excitement of each new project, providing our clients with an avant-garde image.

Blanca Cano Ruano
Architect | Partner

She was born in Alcalá la Real (Jaén) in 1979, an Architect by the ETSA of Granada in 2006.
Ten years of intense work as an Architect in Costa del Sol provided her the experience in solving administation process with the authorities and dealing with clients both locals and internationals.

Her projects include from housing rehabilitation to large commercial buildings.

Her interest for a responsible and efficient architecture impulsed her to become a M. Sc in Bioclimatic and Environment by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (2009).

DEA (Diploma of Advanced Studies) in Urban studies and researcher of the Urban Laboratory of the UGR, She joined several research projectsabout urban regeneration together with
The Technological Centre HABITEC, and the universities of Sevilla, Granada and Málaga.

A calm character and restless mind the empathy with customers and the taste of creative works defined her contribution to bymed, in interior design, decoration and architecture.

Curro de la Plaza Ramírez
Tech. Arquitc | Partner

He was born in Malaga in 1968, got graduated in Technical Architecture in 1995 at EUAT of Granada
His professional work is developed mostly in Spain, having built many first standard residential housing in Costa del Sol, also many retail, commercial and hotels projects.

He has built as well international projects in Arabia Saudi, Seychelles Islands and Morocco.

He lives integrated in an international environmenment, He speaks fluent English and speaks also italian, french and spanish.
Clients and friends trust him their projects for his dedication and deep knowladge of Costa del Sol market.

He is committed and responsible and always caring of new tecnologies and its implementation in professional projects.
He is sport passioned, tennis and golf are his favourites leisures activites.

Rocío Navarro Otermin
Architect | Partner

She was born in Malaga in 1982. She graduated as an Architect by the ETSAM, UPM, in Madrid in 2008. She owns a Master in Real Estate and Construction Companies, MDI.

After being living in Madrid, Belgium, Singapore and Morocco, in 2016 became a partner of Bymed in her home town.

From 2006 to 2012 She was part of several multipurposed teams developing airports, train stations and related buildings.

In 2013 She joined the Governament of Singapore in URA, Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore. Working as an urban planner of the city centre, She implemented her knowledge about the contemporanean city and high density: skycrapper viability studies, metro planning, pedestrian flows and cycle path plan studies, etc.

After leaving Asia, She moved to Morocco to develop first class residential and offices buildings.

She is extrovert and always looking for new experiences and travels. She is fluent speaking English, French and Spanish.

Her spirit, curiosity and tenacity in all the projects working on, are her added values.